Cute Baby Hats

28 October 2020, 07:27 665

Cute Baby Hats

These soft knit hats in modern hues are perfect for keeping newborn little heads warm and cozy



18 sts = 4” [10 cm]; 24 rows = 4” [10 cm] in Stockinette Stitch. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size needle to obtain the gauge.

Hat measures 12” [30 cm] in circumference


K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together. Insert the right needle into two stitches at the same time and knit. This will result in a decrease of one stitch. This decrease will slant to the right.


Stockinette Stitch
Row 1 (Right Side): Knit all sts.
Row 2 (Wrong Side): Purl all sts..
Repeat rows 1-2. K2, P2 Ribbing
Row 1: K2, P2 across row/round.
Row 2: Knit the k sts, purl the p sts
Repeat rows 1-2.

Using circular needles and A (girl’s version) or B (boy’s version), cast on 40 sts. Join being careful not to twist sts and place marker for beginning of round.
Rounds 1-6: K2, P2 to end of round.
Rounds 7-9: Knit to end of round.
Round 10: Purl to end of round.
Rounds 11-13: Knit to end of round.
Rounds 14-16: Purl to end of round.
Repeat Rounds 7-16.


As st count decreases, change to doublepointed needles.
Round 1 (decrease): *K6, k2tog*; repeat from * around—35sts.
Rounds 2, 6, 8, 10, 12: Knit to end of round.
Round 3 (decrease): *K5,k2tog*; repeat from * around—30 sts.
Round 4: Purl to end of round.
Round 5 (decrease): *K4, k2tog*; repeat from * around—25 sts.


Round 7 (decrease): *K3, K2tog*; repeat from * around—20 sts.
Round 9 (decrease): *K2, K2tog*; repeat from * around—15 sts.
Round 11 (decrease): *K1, K2tog*; repeat from * around—10 sts.
Round 13: *K2tog*; repeat from * around—5 sts. Cut yarn leaving a 6” [15 cm] tail and  draw through remaining 5 sts twice. Draw up firmly; fasten securely. Using yarn needle, weave in ends.

Bow for Girl’s Version
With B and double-pointed needles, cast on 10 sts.
Rows 1-8: Knit across row.
Next Row: Bind off all sts.
Using A, wrap yarn around center of knit piece 6 times to cinch into a bow. Tie off yarn. Using yarn needle, tuck loose end in securely.

Using yarn needle, sew bow to front of hat just above ribbing using photo as a guide. Weave in all ends, block hats lightly to shape.

A, B = Color A, Color B; cm = centimeters; K= knit; mm = millimeters; P = Purl; st(s) =stitch(es); St st = Stockinette stitch; K2tog = Knit 2 Together, [ ] = work directions in brackets the number of times specified; * or ** = repeat whatever follows the * or ** as indicated.

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