Lamb Panduf Making

18 January 2022, 20:37 966

Lamb Panduf Making

La Mia Diamond Knitting Yarns
white rope
beige rope
Snowball Anakuzusu White Yarn
black thread for embroidery
Felt sole according to the foot number you will knit
8 mm lock eye
2.1 mm crochet
Sh: Magic ring

x: sc

v: increment

a: Decrement

w: 3x to the same place

Zn: Chain

Let's knit Snowball Anakuzusu with white yarn.

1. Let's pierce the holes of the base twice and crochet with frequent needles.

Let's move on to the white rope.

2. Let's make a handrail for the entire row.

3. In the meantime, we are making frequent needles. Let's increase the toe part of the bootie three times.

4. In the meantime, let's make frequent needles except for the nose part of the booties. Let's knit the nose part with a handrail and reduce it three times.

5. Let's make frequent crochet in the whole row.

6. Let's reduce the nose part five times. Again, let's knit the outer parts of the nose with frequent needles.

7. Let's knit the entire row as a railing and make three more reductions from the front.

8. Let's knit the whole row with frequent needles.

9. In the meantime, we are knitting a handrail, let's make five subtractions from the front again.

10. Let's make frequent needles on the part up to the nose. Let's knit the nose with a banister and go back. Let's make frequent needles up to the starting point of the handrail and go back again. Let's knit the handrail and finish by making frequent needles from the end of the nose. (Let's make three reductions during each handrail.)

11. Let's crochet the entire row.

12. In the meantime, we will knit the nose part three times. Let's come to the nose by making a handrail. Let's go back and make frequent injections until the end of the nose. Let's go back and finish the row by making a bannister. (Don't forget to make three reductions during each handrail.)

Let's knit Snowball Anakuzusu with white yarn.

1. 6x into Sh

2. 6v (12x)

3. (1x, 1v)*6 (18x)

4-6. 18x

7. (1x, 1a)*6 (12x)

We fill fiber.

8. 6a (6x)

We knit with beige yarn.


2. 1v, 5x, 3x, 5x, 1v (17x) into the same hole

3. 2v, 5x, 3v, 7x (22x)

4. 3v, 8x, 3v, 9x (29x)

5-6. 29x

7. 1a, 12x, 1a, 12x (26x)

8-9. 26x

We fill it with fiber and sew it on the head.

Our panduf is ready! Good luck to everyone who will


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