Easy Twist Winter Pattern Hat Making

22 January 2022, 12:02 1217

Easy Twist Winter Pattern Hat Making

YarnArt Norway Dark Gray Yarn
3 mm crochet
knitting needle

1. Make 40 chains, (from the posterior lobe) make 39 frequent crochets from the 2nd chain.

2. Pull 1 chain, (from the back lobe) make 7 frequent crochets from the 2nd chain, make 24 half railings, make 8 frequent crochets.

3. Pull 1 chain, (from the back lobe) make 5 half railings, leave a gap, make 2 rice grains in the 7th chain, make 24 half railings from the 9th chain, make 8 frequent crochets.

4. Pull 1 chain, (from the back lobe) from the 2nd chain, 7 sc, 24 half railing, leave a space, make 2 rice in the next chain, leave a space, make 5 half railings.

5. Repeat the 3rd and 4th rows and knit a total of 40 rows and finish the hat.

6. Make a tassel or pompom on both ends of the edge. Sew the back part of the joke as in the video.

Good luck to those who are already knitting.

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