Crochet Scarf

27 October 2020, 11:46 483

Crochet Scarf

Approx 10” [25.5 cm] wide x 100” [254 cm] long, excluding tassels.

13 dc and 7 rows = 4” [10 cm].


Note: Ch 3 at beg of rows counts as dc.
Scarf is worked in Chart Pat in 6 Sections. Change colors in each Section as shown below:

Chart Pat

Section 1: A as Color 1; B as Color 2; C as Color 3; D as Color 4; E as Color 5; F as Color 6.
Section 2: B as Color 1; E as Color 2; D as Color 3; A as Color 4; C as Color 5; F as Color 6.
Section 3: E as Color 1; C as Color 2; A as Color 3; B as Color 4; D as Color 5; F as Color 6.
Section 4: C as Color 1; D as Color 2; B as Color 3; E as Color 4; A as Color 5; F as Color 6.
Section 5: D as Color 1; A as Color 2; E as Color 3; C as Color 4; B as Color 5; F as Color 6.
Section 6: Work only 1st to 16th rows of Chart – D as Color 1; C as Color 2; B as Color 3; A as Color 4.

With F, ch 44.
1st row: (RS) 1 dc in 4th ch from hook (counts as 2 dc). 1 dc in each ch to end of ch. Turn. 42 dc.
2nd row: Ch 3. 1 dc in each dc to end of row. Turn.
Rep 2nd row twice more. Break F. Join A.
Proceed in Chart Pat (Section 1), noting that each square of chart is equal to 2 dc, reading RS rows from right to left and WS rows from left to right. Carry color not in use loosely across top of work and work sts around it. Change colors by drawing contrast color through last 2 loops on hook and proceed with new color.
Cont working Chart Pat (all rows are worked in dc) until all 6 Sections of Chart Pat are complete. Break A. Join F.
Next 4 rows: With F, ch 3. 1 dc in each dc to end of row. Turn. Fasten off at end of 4th row.

Tassels (make 10 with F)
Cut a piece of cardboard 6” [15 cm] wide. Wind yarn around cardboard 60 times. Break yarn leaving a long end and thread end through needle. Slip needle through all loops and tie tightly. Remove cardboard and wind yarn tightly around loops 1” [2.5 cm] below fold. Fasten securely. Cut through rem loops and trim ends evenly. Sew 5 Tassels evenly spaced to each end of Scarf.

Approx = Approximately Beg = Begin(ning)
Ch = Chain(s)
Cont = Continue
Dc = Double crochet
Rem = Remain(ing)(s) Rep = Repeat
RS = Right side
St(s) = Stitch(es) WS = Wrong side

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