Mittens And Socks

30 October 2020, 12:24 1047

Mittens And Socks

Hat is a traditional shape with three angles, as well as simple booties and gloves of blue yarn with white stripes.Size: for 6-9 months

You need: 75 g blue and 25 g white yarn (100% natural wool, 95 m/25 g); Set of 5 spokes № 3; Straight Spokes № 3.
Gum: Alternately 1 p. Persons. Surface, 1 p. IPMs. Surface.

Facial Surface: Front rows-facial loops, Purl series-purl loops; Circular series: All hinges knit face.
Platochnaja binding: Facial and Purl series-facial loops; In circular rows to knit alternately 1 row-obverse and 1 row-purl loops.

The main pattern. 1-St R.: 1 p. Add = 1 persons. Crossed to untie from the broach; * 16 p. Garter viscous, 1 double broach (2 p. Remove, as in knitting facial, the next loop to knit facial and stretch through it removed loops), 16 p. Garter viscous, 1 p. Add, 1 p. Garter viscous, 1 p. Add, repeat from * 16 p. Garter Mating, 1 Double stretching, 16 p. Garter viscous, 1 p. add; 2nd R.: All hinges knit garter viscous.

Type on the spokes Blue Thread 109 p. And after the 1st IPMs. A series of facial knit between the edging main pattern as follows: 12 p. Blue Thread, 6 R. White, 6 R. Blue, 6 R. White and the rest of the series-blue Thread. After 15 cm from the set edge all loops close = cutting edge. Stitch (see photo).

To dial on the spokes on 36 p. Loops to allocate on 4 spokes and to tie 6 sm a rubber band, further to Knit garter viscous: 2 R. Blue, 4 R. White, 4 p. Blue, 4 p, white, 6 p. Blue Thread, further knit facial surface, through 1 circular row at 18 p. 1st and 4th Spokes Knit heel. After 14 p. Hinges heel divided into 3 parts and further knit shortened rows = 6/6/6 p. Knit to the last loop of the middle third, with this and subsequent loops to perform 1 stretching (1 p. Remove, as in the face knitting, the next loop to knit the front and stretch Through it the loop is removed), work turn. 1 p. To remove, as at iznanochnom knitting = 1 chrome, to knit to the last loop of the middle third purl, this and next loops to knit together reverse, work to turn. Thus continue to knit until the loops of the lateral parts run out. From an edge of lateral parts to untie on 7 p. And then all loops knit eternity. middle of heel = beginning of circular series. To climb knit in each 2nd circle row last 2 p. The 1st spokes together the obverse, and with the first 2 loops of the 4th spokes to carry out a stretching until on the spokes will remain 36 p. After 7 SM from the middle of a heel-or on any other arbitrary length-to knit for toe 2- Yu and 3-nd the last loops of 1-and 3-th spoke together the obverse, and also from the 2nd and 3rd p. 2-nd and 4-th spokes to carry out a stretching. These decreases run 3 times in each 2-th and 3 times-in each row. The remaining 8 p. Pull the double working thread or 4 p. Top and bottom to connect the seam “loop”. Fasten the thread.

For the right mittens to dial on the spokes Blue Thread 36 p. and to distribute them on 4 spokes. Tie 3 cm Rubber Band and further knit Garter viscous, through 2 p. Blue Tie to 4 p. White, blue, white and blue Thread. For the thumb to knit 2 p. 1-St Spokes, 5 p. Translate on a pin and instead of them again to dial 5 p. and then to knit on all loops. After 4 cm from the beginning of the thumb with the 7th and 8th loops of the 1st and 3rd spokes to perform 1 stretching (1 p. To remove, as at a face knitting, the next loop to knit a face and to stretch through it the removed loop), and 2-nd and 3 p. 2-nd and 4-th spokes to knit together Front. These decreases perform 3 times in each 2-th and 3 times in each row. The remaining 8 p. Pull the double working thread or 4 p. Top and bottom to connect the seam “loop”. Fasten the thread. For thumb loops with pins to translate to the spoke and from newly typed loops to untie 7 p. All Loops knit eternity a face surface, through 4 sm all loops to knit together the obverse, and remaining-to pull off a working thread the left mitten to tie in a mirror Display.

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