Swaddle Vest Making

27 January 2022, 21:06 1483

Swaddle Vest Making

2 x Kartopu Baby One hand knitting yarns
3.5mm skewer
1) We start 9 loops and knit 7 threads harosha. We drill a buttonhole between the 3rd and 4th harosha.

2) In the 8th row, we knit 3 loops harosha, 1 increase, 3 loops harosha, 1 increase, 3 harosha.

The reverse of the knitting will always be knitted harosha.

3) In the 9th row, we knit 3 loops harosha, 1 increase, 5 loops harosha, 1 increase, 3 harosha.

In this way, we increase until we have 28 rows (28 holes).


4) When the double-sided increase is finished, we throw 13 loops on the right side and knit until 5 threads are harosha.

5) In the next row, we knit 8 loops harosha, 2 loops from the straight line together until 6 loops remain in the form of decrease, 1 increase, 2 balls, 1 increase. We knit the last 6 loops harosha

6) We knit 4 more stitches and again make 8 stitches, 2 balls, 1 increase,…., 6 haroshas. After knitting 5 more threads, we come to the arm cut.

7) For the sleeve, we cut 31 loops from the right side and knit the remaining loops with 2 teeth and increase 31 loops again.

Now we're behind.

8) We knit all the loops for 16 threads and then cut 3 loops, one in each row (on the right).

9) We knit 14 more threads and increase 3 loops as one loop in each row. We knit 16 teeth harosha again.

Now it's time for the other front piece.

10) We cut 31 loops from the right side and knit 2 more threads and increase 31 loops. We knit 7 threads of harosha and in the next row we knit 40 loops of harosha, cut 9 loops and knit the remaining loops. We add 9 loops that we cut in the back row.

11) When we have 16 threads in total, we cut 13 loops at once. In the next rows, we knit 3 loops on the edges and knit until 9 loops remain, one at the beginning and at the end in each row. We knit and cut the remaining 9 loops with 60 teeth harosha.

We sew the shoulders and trim them and the final…

You can work in color and gift it to your loved ones.

Good luck to you all.

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