Pink Sweater

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Pink Sweater

Yarn Vita Cotton Soft Cotton (color 1813 pale pink) 50gr/175 m, 100% cotton

Flow rate 150 Gr. Circular spokes on the scaffold 40 cm № 2.5 for gum and № 3.0 for the main canvas. Knit pattern pattern and calculate the desired number of loops.
In my case 20 loops on 20 rows it is 6х7 SM

Knitting is circular.

1. On the spokes № 2.5 The Italian set to dial 169 loops (86 loops on the front and 83 loops on the back). Knit 4 rows of hollow rubber band and then 8r Rubber band 1×1

2. Change the spokes on № 3.0 and start the main knitting according to the scheme. We remember that we have for the backrest 83 hinges (on the scheme of 79 loops)

To ensure that the “tail” of the backrest was not too sharp and long, I begin to knit shortened rows with 13 rows of the circuit. That is, we take the spokes № 3.5 and knit 18 persons, 2 VMs. Persons, persons, scum, izn, scum, persons., stretch, 18 persons. Then we deduce the working thread before work, we remove the trace. Loops with the left spokes on the right, start the thread for work, and return the loop back to the left spokes. We turn knitting and knitting loops on a knot of spokes № 3.5 at the end include in work a trace. 3 Loops (their knitting purl). We’re on the trail again. Loop thread and turn knitting. Thus knitting all consequences. Rows gradually including 3 loops on each side. When all loops of a backrest (83 loops) will be on spokes № 3.5, knit a trace. Range including all the hinges of the backrest and front. Front loops are facial loops. For convenience, place markers separating the front and back.

3. Now on all loops repeat again (without shortened rows) rows of 19-24. And then we start knitting on the scheme with 25 rows.

4.73 a range of circuits. After three loops of a binding xxx on a scheme goes two together obverse. I replaced it on the stretch. And in the second half of the backrest to XXX, I replaced the two-piece together front. In my opinion is so neater looks. Well, and accordingly in all subsequent ranks I also made a replacement.


5.75 series. After three together the front one needs to knit two together the front. Accordingly in the second part: before three together face knit stretch.
6. In 101 a number of schemes share knitting on the front and back and begin to form a armlet. For this purpose it is necessary to close on both parties one time 3, 2, 1, 1 loop.
7. Knit the backrest further along the scheme. In 105, a number of schemes need to knit three more together front. and then 2 VMs. Persons. Next in the diagram. In 139 a number of schemes form the shoulder bevelas by partial knitting. To do this, do not drive the 3×4 loop. At the same time, we form the neckline to close the middle 27 loops, and then the 1×2 and 1×1 on each side of the cut. In total we have remained not closed on 16 loops of each shoulder. We remove them on the additional. Thread. The backrest is ready
8. Before. We do the same as on the backrest. Then knit straight up to 137 series. Let’s close 20 loops in the center of the neck cut. Then in each side of the neck in each second row 1х 3 2 x 2 1 х1. At the same time we form the shoulder bevel as on the backrest. We connect the shoulder bevel of the front and the backrest. “Carcass” is ready!
9. The neck. The yarn is very soft and does not hold the shape, so from the set of tried options, came only one. On the edge of the neck on the spokes № 2.5 dial 94 p. and knit faces. The smoothness of 10-12 series. Close loops.
10. Sleeves. Knit will be the sleeve from the top. To do this, on the edge of the Armi dial on the Spokes № 3.0 64 p. Note Central 18 p.
and start knitting with shortened rows, including 1 p. From each side to the last 4 loops on each side. These loops are included in knitting without using shortened rows. That’s how the sleeve looks like.
Then knit straight. Ubava in 8.16, further in each 4х6. Right up to 65 p. Then there are 8 rows of gum 1×1 and 2 rows of hollow gum. Close Loop needle
and sew the sleeve with a vertical knit stitch
The sleeve is ready!
The second is similar.
Everything is ready!!! We bring beauty, erase, dry, if necessary to ironing and wear with pleasure

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