Making Amigurumi Keloğlan

15 January 2022, 22:54 1155

Gazzal Baby Cotton Nude Baby Wool – 3446
Gazzal Baby Cotton Mustard Yellow Baby Yarn – 3417
Gazzal Baby Cotton Orange Baby Yarn – 3459
Gazzal Baby Cotton Blue Baby Yarn
Gazzal Baby Cotton Gray Baby Wool –
Yarnart Jeans Brown Yarn
2 mm crochet
8mm yellow eye
x: sc

w: 3x to the same place

v: increment

a: Reduction

Blo: Knitting by sinking into the posterior lobe of the loops

Flo: Knitting by sinking into the front lobe of the loops

()*: The number of repetitions

Zn: Chain

It is knitted with skin color.

1) 6x
2) (x,v)*3 (9)

It is knitted with orange.

3-5) 9x
6) 9x

It is knitted with gray.

7-11) 9x
12) It is closed with 4x.

It is knitted with mustard yellow.

1) 6x
2) 6v (12)
3) (x,v)*6 (18)
4-5) 18x

It is knitted with skin color.

6) 5x, 3a, 7x (15)
7) 3x, 3a, 6x (12)
8-12) 12x

It is knitted with brown.

13) 12x
14) Blo 12x
15-18) 12x

Blodan in the 14th row is knitted with brown yarn.

1) 12x
2) (2x,v)*4 (16)

1) Continue from the leg without cutting the rope. 4x, 3ch, 12x on first leg, 3x on zn, 12x on second leg, 3x on zn (pointer attaches)
2-6) 30x

It is knitted with blue.

7-9) 30x

It is knitted with gray.

10-17) 30x
18) (3x,a)*6 (24)
19) (2x,a)*6 (18)
20) 4x, with 4x arm, 4x, with 4x arm, 2x
21) (x,a)*6 (12)

It is knitted with skin color.

22-23) 12x

It is knitted with skin color.

1) 6x
2) 6v (12)
3) (x,v)*6 (18)
4) (2x,v)*6 (24)
5) (3x,v)*6 (30)
6) (4x,v)*6 (36)
7) (5x,v)*6 (42)
8-12) 42x
13) 12x, zn, skip x, 6x, zn, skip x, 22x
14-18) 42x
19) (5x,a)*6 (36)
20) (4x,a)*6 (30)
21) (3x,a)*6 (24)
22) (2x,a)*6 (18)
23) (x,a)*6 (12)


It is knitted with orange.

1) 18ch, from 2nd ch 2x, v, 2x, v, 5x, v, 2x, v, 2x, turn
2) 3ch, 3dc, 4ch, skip 3x, 9dc, 4ch, skip 3x, 3dc, turn
3) 3ch, 3dc, 5dc on zn, (dc,dcv)*4, dc, 5dc on zn, 3dc, turn
4-5) 29dc 3ch, frost

A row of x is made around it with mustard yellow.

Our amigurumi is finished! Good luck to everyone.

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