Dress For Princess

30 October 2020, 12:11 168

Dress For Princess

Dress with knitting needles for girls 3-4 years old.

Knitted with needles 2.5

Threads are cotton. The footage I do not remember. It took 2.5 skeins.

Knitted from two halves.


The pattern consists of 11 loops. 1 crossed loop to the left, yarn, 1 person. double crochet, 1 crossed to the right.
In the wrong row, knit all loops and crochets on the wrong side.For the transfer to the knitting needles I typed 116 p. + 2 +2 edge.Knitted up 15 rapports (columns one pigtail). I got to the waist and with a thread of contrasting color knitted 6 rows of front smoothness. In the next front row she made holes through 2 faces. loops, then 5 rows of faces. stitch.Go to the front half. To reduce the number of loops, I knitted 2 together all the loops face (do not count the edge ones).

It turned out 62 loops. Further knitted in large holes.
1 row – (2 persons together., Double crochet, 6 persons.)
6 rows – front surface,
7th row – as the first, only in a checkerboard pattern.

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