Diagonal Rib Blanket

30 October 2020, 09:41 755

Diagonal Rib Blanket

Approx 36 x 38 ins [91.5 x 96.5 cm].

16 sts and 19 rows = 4 ins [10 cm] with 2 strands tog in stocking stitch.


Alt = Alternate(ing).
Approx = Approximately.
K = Knit.
K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together.
M1 = Make 1 stitch by picking up horizontal loop lying before next stitch and knitting into back of loop.


M1P = Make 1 stitch by picking up horizontal loop lying before next stitch and purling into back of loop.
P = Purl.


Pat = Pattern.
P2tog = Purl next 2 stitches together.
Rep = Repeat.
Rnd(s) = Round(s).
St(s) = Stitch(es).
Tog = Together.
WS = Wrong side.


Note: Entire blanket is worked holding 2 strands of yarn tog. Cast on 166 sts. Do not join in rnd. Working back and forth across needle, proceed as follows:
1st row: (WS). K4. *(P2. K2) 5 times.** K3. (K2. P2) 5 times. K3. Rep from * twice more, then from * to ** once. K4.
2nd and alt rows: K4. Knit all knit sts and purl all purl sts as they appear to last 4 sts. K4.
3rd row: K4. *P2tog. (K2. P2) 4 times. K2. M1P.** K3. M1P. (K2. P2) 4 times. K2. P2tog. K3. Rep from * twice more, then from * to ** once. K4.
5th row: K4. *K2tog. K1. (P2. K2) 4 times. P1. M1.** K3. M1. P1. (K2. P2) 4 times. K1. K2tog. K3. Rep from * twice more, then from * to ** once. K4.
7th row: K4. *K2tog. (P2. K2) 4 times. P2. M1.** K3. M1. P2. (K2. P2) 4 times. K2tog. K3. Rep from * twice more, then from * to ** once. K4.
9th row: K4. *P2tog. P1. (K2. P2) 4 times. K1. M1.** K3. M1. K1. (P2. K2) 4 times. P1. P2tog. K3. Rep from * twice more, then from * to ** once. K4.
10th row: As 2nd row. Rep 3rd to 10th rows until Blanket measures 38 ins [96.5 cm], ending with a WS row. Cast off in Pat.

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