Crochet Yellow Cardigan

30 October 2020, 09:16 937

Crochet Yellow Cardigan



Beg = Begin(ning)
Ch = Chain(s)
Cont = Continue(ity)
Dc = Double crochet
Pat = Pattern
PM = Place marker
Rem = Remaining
Rep = Repeat
RS = Right side
Sc = Single crochet
Sl st = Slip stitch
Sp(s) = Space(s)
St(s) = Stitch(es)
WS = Wrong side

The instructions are written for smaller size. If changes are necessary for larger size the instructions will be written thus ( ).

Note: Body is worked in one piece. Ch 3 at beg of row counts as dc.

With A, ch 72 (78).

**1st row: (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. *1 dc in next ch. 1 sc in next ch. Rep from * to end of chain. Turn. 71 (77) sts.
2nd row: Ch 3. *1 sc in next dc. 1 dc in next sc. Rep from * to end of row. Turn.
3rd row: Ch 1. 1 sc in first dc. *1 dc in next sc. 1 sc in next dc. Rep from * to end of row. Turn.** Rep last 2 rows for pat until 7″ [18 cm] total length, ending on a WS row.
Divide for armholes: Right Front:
1st row: (RS). Ch 1. Pat across 15 (17) sts. Turn. Leave rem sts unworked. Cont even in pat on 15 (17) sts for 12 (14) more rows. Fasten off.

Back: With RS facing, skip next 7 sts. Join yarn with sl st in next st.Ch 1 and pat across next 27 (29) sts. Turn. Leave rem sts unworked.Cont even in pat on 27 (29) sts for 12 (14) more rows. Fasten off.
Left Front: With RS facing, skip next 7 sts. Join yarn with sl st in next st. Ch 1 and pat across next 15 (17) sts. Turn. Cont even in pat on 15 (17) sts for 12 (14) more rows. Fasten off. PM along final row of Fronts and Back 6 (7) sts in from armhole edges for shoulders. Sew shoulder seams.

With A, ch 30 (34). Work from ** to ** as given for Body. 29 (33) sts. Work in pat until 7½ (8½)” [19 (21.5) cm] total length, ending on a WS row. Fasten off. PM on side edges 1″ [2.5 cm] down from final row.

Beg at face edge, with A, ch 54 (58). Work from ** to ** as given for Body. 53 (57) sts. Work in pat until 6 (6½)” [15 (16.5) cm] total length, ending on a WS row. Fasten off.
Fold last row in half and sew center back seam. Sew sides of Hood to neck edge (easing in Hood as needed).

With RS facing, PM for 3 buttonholes on Right Front: top hole ½” [1 cm] below neck edge, bottom hole 7″ [18 cm] above lower edge and rem hole centered between.
St around openwork sp in pat for buttonholes ¾” [2 cm] from front edge. Sew on buttons to correspond to buttonholes. Sew in Sleeves, placing rows above markers along unworked sts at armholes to form square armholes.

Pompom: With B, ch 12. Work from ** to ** as given for Body. 11 sts. Work in pat until 3″ [7.5 cm] total length. Fasten off, leaving a long end. Thread end onto tapestry needle and gather around outer edges of Pompom, inserting stuffing before fastening off. Sew to point of Hood.

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