Colorful Carry Cot/Sleeping Bag Making

16 January 2022, 02:05 946

Colorful Carry Cot/Sleeping Bag Making

Nako Denim yarn;
3 pieces of gray color rope
1 yellow yarn
1 piece of Blue color rope
5 mm skewer
3 mm crochet
lining fabric
Sizes are suitable for 1 year old.

1) We start knitting from the head by throwing 100 stitches on our needle with our gray yarn.

2) We knit 1 straight, 1 reverse rubber braid along 5 rows.

3) Then we start knitting by applying the mouse tooth model. We knit the mouse tooth knitting model until it is 120 cm. We knit 30 rows with gray thread and 10 rows with yellow and blue thread.

Mouse Tooth Knitting Pattern:

This model can be knitted with any number of loops. The point to be noted is that the model is placed on the back.

Row 1: Knit all the loops straight. (front face)

Row 2: We knit all the loops. (back face)

3rd row: We knit all the loops straight. (front face)

Row 4: 1 loop purl, 1 loop knit from the middle of a lower loop not on the needle, knit 1 loop from the middle of the lower loop, not the needle, knit 1 loop from the middle of the lower loop not on the needle, 1 loop purl, 1 loop from the middle of the lower row, not the needle... We knit until the end of the row. (back face)

After this stage, it is repeated starting from the 1st row.

4) After knitting a 120 cm mouse tooth knitting pattern, we knit 1 flat and 1 reverse elastic for 7 cm and finish our knitting.

5) In order not to curl the edges of our knitting, we pass the entire perimeter with a yellow rope and 1 row of double handrails. With the other two colors of yarn we use, we pass as 1 row of frequent needles.

6) We place our buttons by separating 33 cm of our knitting from the inner surface as the head part and folding the remaining part into 2. We determine a place for the buttonhole according to the buttons and draw a chain.

The total length of the knitting will be 128 cm, and the width will be 52 cm.

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