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A reader asked me for an explanation of the cap.

I remember that they are models of the Sublime, which produces beautiful wool, (merino-cashmere and silk blend) and that this moment is in a very covenient offer HERE:

“VINTAGE RACING HELMET” is the name of the cap and comes from the booklet of models n 606 (you can also find these on the site)

baby cashmere merino silk aran wool

needles 3.25 and 4


0/3 months 3/6 6712 1/2 years

Ears are worked first

With 3,25 rows and color + dark assemble 5 sts, work 2 rows in garter st, passing the first st without working it.

On the next row, pass the first st, work the next st 2 times, straight until the last 2 sts, work 2 sts on the first st, straight on the last st.

work 6 more rows in this way, making increases on the 2nd, 4th, 6th row = 13 sts on row.

Work 11 straight rows (13-13-15).

cut the thread and pass these sts on a pin

make another the same.

With needles 3.25 and the color + dark, mount 10 m (12-14-18), work the 13 sts of the first ear, mount again 29m (31-33-35), wash the sts of the second ear and mount finally another 10m (12-14-18), we will have 75 m (81-87-97) on the needle. At f succ, pass 1m, straight until the end.

Continue to work in garter st, always passing the first st up to 4 cm (4-5-5) finishing after a row

Cut the yarn and with the + light color and the 4 irons continue to work in stockinette st up to 9 cm (10-11-12) finishing after a STRAIGHT needle.

In the next row, purl, increase 3 sts along the row for the first measurement and 2 sts for the 4th measurement, and decrease 3 m for the second measurement, and 2 for the third measurement = 78m (78-85-99) –


row 1-1 dir, “2 ass per dir, 5 dir” rip 11 times (11-12-14) = 67 m (67-73-85)

row 2 and all rows equal to rov

row 3-1 dir, “2 ass to dir, 4 dir” for 11 v (11-12-14) = 56m (56-61-67)

Continue like this, always doing 1m less between decreases up to 9th row, and we will have 1m between dim and 23m (23-25-29) on row

iron 11-1 dir, 2 asses for all the iron

make a row then 2 more rows in stockinette st, then 3 more rows with + small needles

next iron (to rov) – work 1 m to rov only for sizes 3 and 4, for all sizes then: 2 ass per rov, for 6 v (6-6-7), cut the wire leaving it long enough, and with a wool needle pass it in the remaining sts (6-6-7-8), fix it and sew the back ap mattress

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