Amigurumi Rooster Recipe and Making

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Amigurumi Rooster Recipe and Making

Coffee with Milk, Red, Orange, White Amigurumi threads
Black amigurumi thread for eyebrow embroidery
6mm safety eye 2 pcs
bead fiber
Crochet 3 mm
SH = magic ring
O (ZN) = Chain
V = Binary Increment
W = Triple Boost
A = Double Deduction
M = Triple Deduction
C (CC) = Loop shift
X (SC) = Sc
BLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn behind the loop
FLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn in front of the loop
T (HDC) = Single Handrail
F (DC) = Double Handrail
F (TR) = Triple Handrail
VHDC = 2 HDCs in/to Same Hole
VDC = 2 DC to same Hole/ground
Color Change
Amigurumi Rooster Design

Making of Feet

We start with the fingers With the orange
1) 61i sh
2-5) We knit 6x 3, we do not cut the rope in the third, we add the others.
6) Knit 3x from the first finger, knit 3x from the second finger, 6x from the third finger, knit 3x from the second finger, 3x from the first finger. (18x)
7) 18x
8) (1a, 7x)2 (16x)
9) (a, 6x, a, x, blo 3x, 2x) (14x)
10) (a, 5x, a, blo 3x, 2x) (12x)
11) (6a)
12-15) 6x is over, cut the yarn and hide. In the 9th and 10th rows, we knit by following the yarn with the loop we made a blo (6x)
17-20)Switch to 6x brown
21) 6v
22) 12v
23-25) Cut the 24x over thread.

The whites of the eyes We do not fill
1) 6 sh
2) 6v (12x)
3-4) 12x
5) 6a (6x) Done cut the thread

1) 4 sh
2) 4x
3) (v, 3x) (5x)
4) (v, 4x) (6x)
 leave thread to sew

We make the comb under the beak. We knit 2 pieces, but we do not fill.

1) 6 sh
2) (x ,v)3 (9x)
3) (9x)
4) (a, 7x) (8x)
5) (a, 6x) (7x)
6) (a, 5x) (6x)
Done leave thread to sew

Making the Comb

We will knit the comb on her head as 2 small pieces

1) 6 sh
2) 6x
3) (x, v)3 (9x)
4) 9x
Big piece:
1) 6 sh
2) 6x
3) 2x, 2w, 2x (10x)
4) 4x, 2w, 4x (14x)
5) 6x, 2w, 6x (18x)
6) 18x
7) a, 14x, a (16x)
8) a, 12x, a (14x)
9) a, 10x, a (12x)

At this stage, we combine all 3 parts.
6x from the big piece,
5x from 1st small piece, 9x from 2nd small piece, (turned to the other side)
4x from the 1st piece, 6x from the Big piece. (30x)

11-12) 30x Done.
Leave thread to sew.

Body Construction
1) 6 sh
2) 6v (12x)
3) 12v (24x)
4) We will proceed by adding 24x Legs
5) 4x, with leg 4x, v, 6x, v, with leg 4x, 4x (26x)
Pay attention to the direction of the feet
6) 3x, v, with leg v, 18x, v, 10x, with leg v, 18x, v, with leg v, 3x (64x)
7-11) 10x, v, 12x, a, 14x, a, 12x, v, 10x
12) 24x, (v, 2x)5, v, 24x (70x)
13-19) 70x
20) (2x,a)3, 46x, (a, 2x)3 (64x)
21) (x,a)3, 46x, (a,x)3 (58x)
22-26) 58x
27) 18x, a, (2x, a)5, 18x (52x)
28) 18x, a, (x, a)5 , 17x, (46x)
29-31) 46x
32) 4x, a, 9x, a, 12x, a, 9x, a, 4x (42x)
33-39) 42x
40) (5x, a) (36x)
41). (4x, a) (30x)
42) (3x, a) (24x)
43) (2x, a) (18x)
44) (x, a) (12x)
45) 6a

Tail Making

In the rooster recipe, we knit the tail in 3 parts.

1) 5 sh
2) 5v (10x)
1st piece up to 20th line 10x
2nd piece up to 16th row 10x
Piece 3 up to line 14 10x
We combine

4x from the small piece, 2x from the middle, 7x from the long (3x of the long one, we skip it)
2x in the middle, (skip the other loops of the middle), 5x from the small (20x)
2) 20x
Leave thread for sewing

Wing Making
The wing consists of 3 feathers, these are 1 short and 2 long.

short feather
1) 6 sh
2) 6v (12x)
3-11) 12x

long feather

1) 6 sh
2) (x, v)3 (9x)
3-13) 9x

Joining stages

1. 5x longer,
2. 5x long, 12x short,
2. 4x longer,
1. 4x from Long (30x)

15-17) 30x
18) (3x, a)6 (24x)
19)(2x, a)6 (18x)
20) (x, a)6 (12x)
21) 6a (6x)
Leave the rope long cut it

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