Amigurumi Christmas Deer Making and Recipe

16 January 2022, 01:30 676

1 piece of La Mia Mellow Cream Yarn 910
1 x La Mia Mellow Brown Yarn 922
4.5 mm hook
12mm locking eye
1 button
Fuchsia yarn, cream yarn, black yarn
wool needle
Sh: Magic ring

x: sc

v: increment

a: Decrement

w: 3x to the same place

Zn: Chain

It starts with cream yarn.


1- 6x

Brown yarn is added to the knitting.

2- Knit one of the 6v (12x) ( v brown) increments with brown and continue in the same way.

3- (1x1v)*6=18x (xvx) 4x brown)

4- (2x1v)*6=24x (/xx v xx) 7x brown)

5– 24x

Eyes are attached between the 5th and 6th rows.

6- (3x1v)*6=30x (v xx x v w )10x coffee)


Continue with brown.

9- (4x1v)*6 = 36x

10-11- = 36x

12- (4x1a)*6 = 30x

13- (3x1a)*6 = 24x

14- (2x1a)*6 = 18x

15- (1x1a)*6 = 12x

16- 6a

V-shaped embroideries are made on the head.

It starts with brown yarn.


1- 6x

2- 6v (12x)

3- (1x 1v)*6 = 18x

4- (2x 1v)*6 = 24x

In the 5th row, the cream yarn is added to the knitting.

5- (3x 1v)*6 = 30x (1v3x1vkrem)

6-7-8-9-30x (10x cream)

10- (3x 1a)*6 = 24x (8x cream)

11- (2x1a)*6 = 18x (6x cream)

12-18 x (6x cream)

13- (1x1a)*6 = 12x (4x cream)

14-15- 12x (4x cream)

It starts with cream yarn.


1- 6x

2- 6v (12x)

3-5- 12x

Brown rope is passed.

6-10- 12x

11- (4x1a)*2=10x


17- (3x 1a)*2=8x

It is knitted with brown yarn.


1- 6x

2- (1x1v)*3 = 9x

3- (2x1v)*3 = 12x

4- 12x

5- (2x1a)*3 = 9x

6- (1x1a)*3 = 6x

It starts with cream yarn.


1- 6x

2- (1x 1v) *3 = 9x

3-4- 9x

Brown rope is passed.

5-11- 9x

12- (1x 1a)*3 = 6x


Knitted with cream yarn.

Big small

1- 6x 1- 6x

2- (1x1v)*3=9x 2- (1x1v)*3=9x

3-10- 9x 3-4- 9x

It is knitted with fuchsia yarn.

40 ch

1- 36 handrails are made in the 1st row.

2- In the 2nd row, 36 handrails are made.

3- In the 3rd row, frequent needles are made around the entire knitting.

All parts are sewn as in the picture.

Our deer is ready! Good luck to everyone who will.

Health to your hands :)

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